The Evolution of Zoe the Protozoa

Grades 5-7, 45-70min

In The Evolution of Zoe the Protozoa, students take on the role of Zoe in the struggle to find food and adapt in an ever-changing changing environment. Starting as a lowly protozoa, Zoe and her species experience mutations, some of which are beneficial and some of which are quickly phased out over tens of thousands of years. Eventually, the simulation jumps forward in time and replaces Zoe with Berta, a simple bird facing similar challenges in her environment.

Photo of Evolution of Zoe app being used in a classroom

Topics addressed

Students will be able to



This lesson assumes students have already been introduced to the concepts of mutations, adaptations and natural selection.

Suggested lesson breakdown

This activity is fairly self-guided. Introduce the game to students, and give them roughly 45min to play through the simulation while answering questions on their worksheet.

Next Generation science standards