Superhero Transformations

Grade 8, 90-150min

In the Superhero Transformations project, students design their own simple superhero and distill it down to its core geometric shape. Students choose a story stem and write a short story about their superhero. Students then draw their hero’s shape into the first panel of a four-panel graph paper comic strip template, and use geometric transformations (translations, rotations and reflections) to make their character appear in the remaining three panels. Finally, students fill in the remaining visual elements needed in each panel (villains, backgrounds, props, etc). This project was adapted from a lesson by Karen Stafford.

Sample student work showing a four-panel superhero transformation comic

Topics addressed

Students will be able to


Suggested lesson breakdown

This activity is more of a practice/synthesis tool than a teaching tool, and therefore works best towards the end of the unit. You can decide whether to keep students together when working through each step, or whether they can self-pace through the project.

Common Core standards